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How To Impress A Girl By Talking – 6 Ways to Make Her Instantly Interested

Do you wonder how to impress a girl by talking?

You have most likely seen the guys that can sweet talk any girl that they want. These women seem like they are putty in the hands of these guys.

The first way to create a great instant impression is to display the positive qualities of sexual tension. This is the sensation a woman feels when she’s flirting and feels a heightened level of chemistry with a guy.

Plus you’ll discover an additional six ways to to make a girl instantly interested in you:

Know Her Type Many of the pick up “artists” are going to tell you that there is one specific way to get a girl, that there is one specific way when it comes to how to impress a girl by talking.

This is simply not true. If you go up to a single mom that is looking for a good Dad for her child she is not going to be interested if you are sweet talking her and telling her you want fly her around the world just the two of you. See what I mean? Let her do the talking first and then you will know what you are going to have to say to get her.

Have a Stylish Look-A great way to make a solid first impression is to cultivate an edgy look that stands out. This doesn’t mean you have to dress like a rock-n-roll star, but it’s important that you implement the latest fashion trends to give off a great overall impression.

Become Physically Fit- T.V. shows like The Jersey Shore have created the myth that all attractive women want gorilla-sized meat heads. Honestly, most are drawn to guys who are in shape but not weighed down with too much muscle.

My advice is to participate in strenuous sports and also lift some weights. This should be enough to give you the athletic look that women crave in a guy.

Pay Attention To How She Reacts When talking to a woman, try a different conversation topics and see what gets the best reaction out of her. You should just start talking about a subject and seeing how she feels about it.

Watch her eyes and see how she reacts. If she is positive then you should keep going this way but if she looks alarmed you need to back off and try another route.

Show A Funny Personality Women love guys that are funny. You should not be corny and weird but witty is a big turn on for women. When you are wondering how to impress a girl by talking you should not use pick up lines.

You should just use some funny things that have happened in your life and tell her some good stories about it. This is a good way to let her get to know you and to make her laugh and get attached to you. login
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