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Make A Girl Feel Special – 5 Steps to Letting a Girl Know She’s the One

Want to make a girl feel special? Want to let her know she is the one for you? If a woman has a special place in your heart, and you want to let her know she is the one it is important to let her know she has an important part of your life.

Of course first you must have sexual chemistry.

Furthermore, in this article you’ll discover 5 simple tips about making that special someone feel as special as you think they are.

It is a challenge to make a girl feel special. A girl may one day seem moody and manic the next. It can sometimes be hard to understand their desires from day-to-day.

How can a guy to survive this up-and-down roller-coaster? How can a guy make the girl see how special she is to him?

It is not as difficult as you may think.

Let’s go on to look at 5 sweetheart tips for letting a girl know she’s is the one. Of course you can tell a girl you care until you are blue in the face. Words simply do not matter in the long run. To really show her she is special you will need to do the little things to make a girl feel special that are far more than just empty words. It is all about actions and deeds, not simply cooing that you care for her.

Use Your Phone: I am most certainly not telling you to use your phone when you are on a date with a girl. Actually, I am advising the opposite. When you get to where you are going on your date, make a point of pulling out your and turning it off. Let her know she has 100% of your attention and you do not want your date interrupted by calls.

In this day-and-age, this is almost unheard of and will surely make a girl feel special.

Most guys have their phones hanging on a quick draw, like they are cowboys wanting in on a quick draw contest. By making a point that you are different and that she has all of your attention you speak volumes about your feelings for her, while saying very little. The simple act of turning off you cell phone and NOT talking actually speaks volumes for your interest and will subtly let her know she is the center of your universe, which will go far to making her feel special.

Take Time: You may be a busy guy, but taking time out for her, even when you are extremely busy will show her just how important she is. Time is money. Direct gifts bought with the money you earn may be nice and appreciated, but to truly show her you care, giving the gift of your time, perhaps even for things she knows you hate, will really show her you care much more than a trinket or a bauble ever could. You have to invest time into a relationship or it will never grow.

Bring Her Special Places: Do you have a spot that you like to go by yourself? Perhaps someplace that holds something special in you heart. Taking a girl to a place like this is a clear indicator of deeper emotions. Every girl will not be “right” for this place… but that is the point. By introducing her to your favorite spot you show her how special you believe she really is.

As an important note, if you run into any old girlfriends that also know about this special spot, it really ruins the whole thing. Make sure there are not lots of other women who you have taken to your special spot. Showing up and running into old flames defeats the whole purpose, and is simply asking for trouble.

Introduce Her To Close Friends and Family: When a guy really likes a girl everyone knows that he introduces her to his close friends and to his family. If you have not done this yet now is the perfect time if you really want to make an impact.

Pay Attention: Pay attention when your girl is talking to you is going to speak volumes in itself. Many men do not take the time to really pay attention and only listen with half of their hearing. Sometimes they are thinking about their own little world, other times it is sports, the phone or even friends. If you can avoid those things and tune totally into her you are going to see that you will make a girl feel special very quickly.

There is nothing that you can do that would be too much. Get to know this girl. See what she likes and see what would be special to her. Not every girl is the same. The above tips will help you on just about every woman but if you want to make some extra affect you should tailor make it down to the woman that you are thinking about. You do not want to do something in haste because if you do that will not show her that you care at all, that is going to show her that you do not have time or want to put in the effort.

If you wonder what to do on a 2nd date just think… a little bit more. You are still getting in the “getting to know you” phase. Try not to come on too hot and heavy unless she leads the way. Besides that just work to create a more comfortable vibe between you and her. login
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