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Do Girls Like Jerks? Why are woman drawn to guys that are assholes?

Have you wondered, “Do girls only like jerks?”

“Why does she dump on me when I am so nice to her, yet go after the guy that treats her like crap?”

Or even wondered if there was something irresistible about being an “asshole” that attracts women?

Well, the simplest answer to that questions is these men understand HOW to create sexual tension.

In addition, there are a number of reasons why it seems some women are drawn to jerks:

Are women drawn to guys that are assholes?: “Do girl like jerks?” is a question that is quite common among nice guys that are apparently dejected by women because they are two nice. These guys try to treat women like priceless objects only to have the girl seem to prefer guys that treat them like shit. Is it that women are drawn to guys that are assholes?

While there are always some women who have psychological issues and may be a bit masochistic in their choices of men, for the most part this really is not true. It is not the abuse and the attitude they are looking for from guys. Most women, do in fact want guys to treat them well.

The problem is that there are also other things that women want in men.

There are guys that either instinctively or through practice know what women want. There are guys that know how to attract many women with these skills even if by doing so they sometimes seem like real jerks. They may be playing a game. They may naturally be assholes. They may just use it as a method to attract women. But the important thins is that one way or another these guys DO UNDERSTAND how to sexually attract women.

Attracting women sexually: Let’s face it; that is often the difference. Most women will “intellectually” want the guy that treats them like a princess. But when faced with the guy that makes the girls heart skip a beat because of an instinctual sexual attraction, the “intellectual” attraction does not stand a chance.

One of the keys to sexual attraction is going for that “gut” reaction. You have to be the “type” of guy that interests her. You have to possess a lot of qualities that she may not even understand. Much of this even goes back to a woman’s animal instinct. For millions of years women looked for a strong man to protect or comfort her. She looked for a man that was a leader and had status. Even if she doesn’t know it, many women are still looking for that today.

How can a guy create this image, without being a jerk? The guy who can pull off the animal magnetism, leadership and status and still be one hell of a nice guy is the thing women read those romance novels about. If you have those traits you will not long be without women.

It starts with understanding the very basic things that women are looking for in guys. You can even draw parrallels to how some “jerks” may display these traits unconsciously, and therefore be the reason (indirectly) that some women are drawn to guys that are assholes.

Learn her “type”. Even though pick up artists will tell you that you can get any woman by using one method this is not true at all. Different women have different types of guys in which they are interested. there are general “rule of thumbs” for all women, but there is a wide variation when you get down to specifics. Most women can eventually fall into a few general types. but it is a mistake to classify a girl too early.

For instance if you were talking to a girl that was deeply involved in playing volleyball and going to competitions she would not be interested in a guy that hated to go out and hated to play sports. Her type of guy would be someone that is interested in sports and is up for a good time. The same goes if you meet a woman who is a single mom, she would be interested in finding a good guy that is possible father material unlike the other girl that just wants some fun and possibly a long term relationship.

One of the differences of the “jerk” guys is they know how to be there for every woman. They can play to her emotions and at least appear to be what she wants. To combat that you have to ACTUALLY be what she wants, be willing to become the jerk, or realize that maybe she isn’t the one for you if your interests are too divergent.

Some women seek attention: Many times women have a rough time in their childhood and are looking for a guy that is going to give them attention. A lot of times the “jerks” know just how to get a girl by charming her. It isn’t until later that they reveal that they are a jerk, after they get what they want from the girl.

Of course the answer to this is simple. Make sure you give this type of girl the attention she needs. But a flip side of this is also not to give her TOO much attention. The jerk instinctively understands this balance. You need to give her the attention she desires, but leave her wanting just a little bit more. If the woman thinks the guy is “wrapped around her finger” she will lose some respect for him and he will lose some of that important “status” in her eyes. Quicly becoming more ‘friend’ potential and less “romantic” potential.

Some women like the challenge: There are some women that are interested in guys that are a little cocky to start off because it gives them a challenge to be the one that tames this wild stallion. If you have the confidence to do the cocky guy routine you could get some decent results out of this. Most of the time this is the best for casual relationships but sometimes long term relationships will actually stem from these.

Being a little bit cocky and brash. But also being fun and funny is a generally very appealing trait in guys. Even if the girl is not the type who wants to “tame” her guy this can be a great attitude to convey. Without knowing a person a cocky attitude can often seem to be because there is a reason to be cocky. Where there is smoke there is fire, many people think. Often this is NOT true and the guys are simply revealed to be cocky assholes, but particularly when trying to initially impress and attract women a cocky attitude, delivered in a way that the guy is otherwise fun, intelligent and exciting does a lot to bring out that animal attraction in women.

Girls like guys that are funny and interesting. I suggest that you take some time to brush up on your humor. I am not saying that you should become a stand up comedian or anything but you might consider finding some funny jokes that you are comfortable with. You should also make sure that you begin to become comfortable with talking to girls and around girls.

Confidence is one of the sexiest things that a guy can have. Sometimes I feel like a broken record. If you want to get women you need to work on your confidence. Being a confident guy hits the mark for attracting women in so many ways.

This is a reason that many girls end up with a jerk and have you asking “Do girls like jerks?”, these guys have confidence and they show it. Even though some sorts of “confidence” are not the best it is almost like a scent that is very difficult for women to resist.

If you pay close attention to the tips above you will be much further on your journey towards getting the girl that you are dreaming about. You do not need to become a jerk to get her. You just need to learn how to read her and give her what she wants.

Make sure that you watch her reactions. You should see what her body language is and pay close attention to what her passions are. If you do this you are going to find that you have great success with women.

Ultimately it all comes down to Building that instant sexual Attraction You see, there IS an easy way to get these girls to like you rather than the jerk! login
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