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Make A Woman Laugh – How to Get Laughs while Creating Attraction

If you want to make a woman laugh there are different ways that you can do this.

But you don’t want her to laugh at you the wrong way however.

If she’s laughing at you because you are a goof and she thinks you are a joke this is not going to get you the girl.

It is easy to build attraction through humor if you’re know the right things she’ll respond to.

Plus here is a simple system for getting the girls to laugh:

Have a Few Icebreakers You want to start the conversation by using a few proven icebreakers. I’m not saying your entire discussion should use a canned line. But often it’s better to have an idea of what you’ll say in the first five minutes.

Allow too much silence in the conversation makes things a little bit uncomfortable for the both of you. This means you’ll lose her before you’ve even tried to get her to laugh.

Tell Funny Stories The key to laughter isn’t acting like a goofball. Instead it’s about using your personal experiences to tell stories. My advice is to think about interesting things you’ve done and use these to tell a story which naturally has a humorous slant.

Storytelling can be learned. The key to is to put you as the protagonist where you’re experiencing unique, and funny, stuff that doesn’t happen to most people.

Be a FUN and FUNNY Guy If you are fun and positive all of the time you are going to keep the mood really light and she is going to be more prone to laugh.

Before you notice it you are going to be making little quips that will have her giggling and playing right into your hands. You should not be worried and nervous during this time or she is going to be able to smell your fear a mile away. Just think about how you would act when you are hanging out with a friend.

Play And Tease Being playful and teasing her is going to be fun and will make a woman laugh. Don’t tease her about something that she may be insecure about.

Tease her playfully not in a mean way or you could make her really detest you. If you are not sure how you would play and tease a girl the right way just pay attention to other guys that are having success.

Notice how the girls react when they are teasing them and if they genuinely laughing or if they have their feelings hurt. If you notice a guy that is getting good results you can even take notes and then try it out yourself on a girl that isn’t too important. login
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